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E30 Engine
M20 Engines: A Brief History. The M20 engine group was introduced in the late 70's in 2.0L and 2.3L sizes in the European model BMW 320/6 and 323.
BMW 3 Series (E30) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A very popular modification to the E30 is the 24V engine found in the BMW E36 and BMW E34. The engines, M50/M52/S50/S52, can be installed with a selection of mainly BMW parts.
BMW World - BMW S14 Engine
Its S14 four-cylinder powerplant is a further development of the M10 unit and was chosen by BMW because of its compact dimensions. The S14 engine powered the E30
BMW World - BMW E30 Parts
BMW E30 Tuning site features Kyle's 325iS and Scott's M3. BMW E30 M3 318i page has a nice car and engine picture, with plans for a turbo. E30 Engine components from Korman.
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The valve covers on the BMW four and six cylinder engines are very prone maintenance tasks for the six-cylinder E30 engines of gauge faces, odometer repair, calibration
Used BMW E30 for Sale - BMW E30 Auction Prices
FIA mandated that a minimum of changes should be made, but allowed the amendments to the powertrain, engine and body. BMW has sold all of 5000 easily e30 production required to
Turner Motorsport | BMW E30 E30 M3 Replacement Engine Components
Since 1993, Turner Motorsport Inc. has been the leading source of high performance BMW parts and accessories. Turner Motorsport offers tuning and performance upgrades for all BMWs
BMW E30 DIY (Do It Yourself)
More Miscellaneous - BMW E30 DIY. Engine / Mechanical - BMW E30 DIY. Valve Adjustment Made Easy Oil Control Valve Gasket Leak (M20/B25) Passenger-Side Water Leak
BMW M3 E30 gets a Corvette engine
E30 BMW M3 getting a brand new LS6 Corvette engine
YouTube - Bmw 325 e30 Engine Sound
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