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Why is our 96 Subaru Legacy AWD wagon's gas tank so hard to
When we go to fill it at the pump, we're pretty su…
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Why can't I fill my gas tank? - Yahoo! Answers
gas for 25 years and know how to do it. Here's the problem. When I recently tried to fill my 2007 Subaru Legacy, the pump shut off almost immediately as if the tank was so hard
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Subaru Outback/Legacy Fuel System - CarSpace Automotive Forums
My 1999 Outback wont accept gas at certain gas stations. When I let it get down to 1/4 tank, the check engine light comes on. When I try to fill it at certain stations, the gas
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Trouble filling gas tank - Topix
About a month ago I was filling up my tank and went inside I came out to find out the Gas Pump did not shut off so I I have this problem in my 1999 Subaru Outback. It just
About how much should it cost to repair a leaky 1999 Subaru Legacy gas
It's a 99 Subaru Legacy AWD and the pipe where you fill up the gas tank to the tank is leaking.
Gas tank hard to fill 04 350 Z R - Forums
sometimes when i try to fill the gas tank, the fuel stops flowing in when it only has a half tank in, other times it fills up all the way to full. any