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URABUS tips: installing a Subaru 2.2L engine in VW Vanagon
Installing Subaru Legacy motor in a VW Vanagon. Subaru 2.2L engine in its rightful home! Wide-angle lens on my SPANKIN' new Nikon 990 shows the whole engine nestled comfortably
Vanaru - Subaru Vanagon Conversions - Turn-Key subaru engine
Factory NEW Engine!! 2009 Subaru EJ25 available. Do you transmission and uses your existing VW engine carrier bar! The best-engineered and best-fit engine solution for your vanagon
Build the best Vanagon in the Universe!
Small Car Performance specializes in Vanagon performance upgrades including Subaru engine installations and expert car service, repair and parts for VW, Porsche, Subaru and Audi
Engine Upgrades T-3 Waterboxer, Subaru & TDI Conversions
VW Vanagon T-3 Engine Conversions Subaru Diesel Waterboxer We all know that the stock T-3 Wasserboxer 2.1 petrol engine is underpowered.
VW Vanagon Restoration for the Complete Idiot
A Website dedicated to documentation of the restoration of a 1990 VW Vanagon Multivan including conversion to a Subaru engine.
subaruvanagon : VW Vanagon - Subaru Engine Conversion
subaruvanagon: VW Vanagon - Subaru Engine Conversion Yahoo! Groups Tips Did you know Hear how Yahoo! Groups has changed the lives of others.
Subaru engine conversion to a VW Vanagon. This page contains a table of contents listing just about everything concerning my
Vanagon 2.2 & 2.5L Conversions - Build the best Vanagon in the
Subaru 4 Cylinder engines for the VW Vanagon. Looking to perfect the Vanagon (See our Completed Vanagons page for more photos.) The Vanagon is perhaps the most versatile of vehicles.
Vanaru - Subaru Conversions - Turn-Key subaru engine conversion kits
Engine parts come from Subaru and van parts come from VW. Subarus are sold in all 50 states and I have an air-cooled vanagon. Can you install a subaru engine in it? Yes.
Car Lust: Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia
Chris Hafner: The Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia doesn't have much to hour drive, I'd investigate whether a Porsche or Subaru boxer engine might fit. Maybe an all-wheel-drive Vanagon